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shine face ♥

22. february 2018 at 11:04 Make up - tutorial ♥
Bojujete s leskem tváře? Vsaďte na matující papírky!
You're fighting with a gloss face? Bet on the matting paper!
In hot weather it is really hard to keep yourself after a whole day of modified and matte face. Here fail even powders and mattifying make-ups. However, there is one small and space-saving contraption that helps you solve this problem anytime and anywhere! This is a small absorbent disposable paper, which can remove excess oil from your face, without you broken the make-up. Contain zmatňující ingredients, so the effect of dry face lasts a really long time. They are sold in convenient packs that fit even the smallest of party bags. Their effect of your praises many a celebrity! For example Madonna, she declared, that without zmatňujících paper doesn't even go to the bathroom... Between your necessity is rank well Jennifer Lopez or Sarah Jessica Parker. We have tried also and I think without them we can't imagine a day, especially when temperatures climb to 30 degrees!. A number of cosmetic companies may have in their assortment, but in the Czech republic is unfortunately not imported. If somewhere you get stuck, you better restock your supplies ahead of time! The paper doesn't spoil and thus last indefinitely. We have found for you a few specimens, which they do great work and you can get quite easily and quickly.

self-tanning creams

22. february 2018 at 10:59 Make up - tutorial ♥
Moderní samoopalováky vypadají přirozeně
Modern give spray tans look natural Times when self-tanning creams on the skin formed the would-be tan in the color of steamed carrots, they are gone. Preparations of new generation are easy to apply and skin look beautiful. You just need to them skin to properly prepare and tan gradually layer.
How to avoid the stain?
Deciding the correct preparation of the skin. Start a thorough body peeling. Focus mainly on the zhrublá places, such as elbows or knees, where the color catches the most. "You eliminate the risk of stains and discoloration of the skin at the same time also lasts longer," advises training officer of the brand Institute Esthederm Dana Jičínská. If you are self-tanning cream use on the face, do you also gentle scrub my face. Then the skin with a light moisturizing body milk. Well hydrated skin to yourself nenasaje so much samoopalovacího product, which in itself reduces the likelihood that you will have after the body of unsightly stains. It is important to indulge hydratačnímu milk enough time to get absorbed.Only then start with applying the samoopalovacího product. Apply it in a thin layer and thoroughly in circular motions, keep rubbing.

How to do to in app 'not cauterize' also palm?
Wear gloves. For most products, you make do with the ordinary surgical you buy in every drugstore or pharmacy. Far better are those that are specially designed for the application of sunless tanning products. You will find it necessary in the menu of the brands Dermacol or He-shi. Not only thanks to them you can protect your hands from unwanted tan, but at the same time cream better you apply. The backs of the hands bask until the conclusion. Between your fingers before apply a thicker layer of moisturizer, which will prevent the skin absorbing the product too. Then pinch your fingers together and carefully on the backs of the hands and fingers, spread a small amount of self-tanning creams. Then take a damp cloth and rub down the eating joints of the fingers, the edges of the palms and around the nails.

It can be endurance tan extend?
Not fundamentally. Exceptions can withstand the effect of self-tanning products approximately three to five days. If you want to more lasting effect, it is necessary to tan after a few days again to recover. On the market but there are products on the long-term tan. You will find a need for brand Vita Liberata. After three applications should withstand up to three weeks. To solve it, but you can also in tan and spray, which you will do in a beauty salon. This is a month or so and cost around a thousand.

How to achieve a tawny color?
Do not try to first apply on the skin most of the product for better effect. Thus you run the risk of stains. It is far better to develop brown shade by repeated application of a small amount of in the course of a few days. With very bright skin is to certify even 'set' the product a little bit of moisturizing body milk. The shade is then almost imperceptible, but it was all the more natural. After two days of application, repeat again. If you need a distinctive tan express and give spray tans that you can do, look around for products for a dark tan. A good alternative is a sunless tanning lotion from Piz Buin, where the intensity of the tan to regulate according to needs.

Did I spot. You can fix it?
He wants to scrub. But the truth is, that the spots can get rid of it pretty hard. Especially if for them it could have a larger amount of paint. Now, therefore, be already when applying. If you notice that you product somewhere, accidentally placed, immediately place wash. At least a partial lightening of unwanted stains you can achieve just peeling. Skin but in any case't fuck, you could damage it and stain to add even redness. The stain you can also rub a slice of lemon, which color a little bit brighter.

20.1.2018 Name day

22. february 2018 at 10:18 Baby ♥
Our darling was the first name day ♥

Make up ↓

22. february 2018 at 9:50
Find the right make-up can sometimes be quite a nut to crack. Every woman has this product completely different requirements. On one agree, however all is need to good cover and long endured. We found for you the BEST ten! Article Today is very difficult to keep up with the cosmetic industry, which the us constantly spews countless beauty news. The market is so many products that test is all one would never even for the whole life. It has its pluses, but also minuses, because přesycenému market in all the can easily lose. But we are not alone! Therefore, we focused on products that can mask all the flaws on your skin and can last in perfect condition the entire day and night. Because makeup is the foundation, and if he's not fine he, even the best shading of the eyes or the most ravishing lipstick totally disappear.

Top make up♣
Eclat Matissime, Givenchy, approx 1 200 Czk We are very surprised at how much liquid this makeup is. In the application of trickling down from the fingers, and so there is some drop adhering to the blouse. But the resulting effect was amazing. Skin looks natural and the product does not dry. Don't need face powder, because the make-up itself is sufficiently matte.

Matt Morphose, L'oréal Paris, 399 Czk Foam texture creates the impression as if it was make-up less dense. But when applying on the face, we found just the opposite - perfectly it spread to did not form deposits, was a chore. On the skin leaving a pleasant feeling, but they were clearly noticeable transitions between glamour and without skin.

Dream Nude Airfoam, Maybelline, 229 Czk Bottle of this makeup looks a bit like a scaled down flakónek with hardener on the hair. It is the first foam product in this form. It must be very well shaken to pigments made with foam. After application we had a bit of a problem with a lot of damp face, but when the foam absorbed, face look dull, natural and neat. An interesting experience!

Diorskin Forever by Dior, about 1 300 Czk A pleasant base with a soft texture perfectly blends in with the complexion and acts almost imperceptibly. Covers the medium, gives the skin a groomed appearance and is so gentle that you won't even know. The makeup lasts a really long to - night looks as well as in the morning. Highly recommended!

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup, Estée Lauder, 1 190 Czk This luxury make-up has a higher degree of protection, and yet does not act as a mask. Copes with pigment spots and minor imperfections and circles under the eyes. Enlarged pores like disappeared magically. If you have on your make‑up increased demands, opt for Double Wear, didn't disappoint us!

Teint Idol Ultra 24H, Lancôme, 1 270 Czk If you are looking for a makeup that can do it all, probably will suit this latest addition to the French firm Lancôme. Looks natural, medium covers, long lasting and application is as easy as you would rub facial cream - so no buildup and smudges. Great!

True Match, L'oréal Paris, 399 Czk The iconic make-up, which are among the bestsellers of the brand L'oréal is already the umpteenth season. It is a universal and natural means through which you can get a flawless velvety and radiant skin. Even will satisfy even women that require stronger masking make‑up. Just a very small amount, so in everyday application lasts even through the half of the year. Luxury for a great price.

8-10-12 mm♥

14. february 2018 at 12:30 Eyelash work ♥
What do you think about today's trends of longer eyelashes? The method of an eyelash to an eyelash, or tufts?

I extend eyelashes, I love it. My victim is the most my mom :-D Who says I can't get myself to extend the eyelashes ? He's lying ! It's coming. I from the beginning went on the cosmetics, but from practice I can algae do, even to myself.

Big lips?

14. february 2018 at 9:43 Make up - tutorial ♥
The most common theme and instagram is a big butt, a skinny figure but also big lips. Which are enlarged botox or the so-called "Lip Plumping" you Have with the zkušensti ? Have a few minutes swollen mouth, just for a picture? :-D the Best method is to contour pencil that gives lips a beautifully enlarged. I'm going to put a couple of pictures with Lip Plumping and then a couple with a contouring pencil. Which lips do You like more ? :)

Výsledek obrázku pro jak na velk rty
Výsledek obrázku pro jak na velk rty
Výsledek obrázku pro jak na velk rty
Výsledek obrázku pro jak na velk rty
Výsledek obrázku pro špatny botox
Výsledek obrázku pro botox rtyVýsledek obrázku pro botox rty

and taking just as little as is lip liner, lipstick :D

Výsledek obrázku pro zvětšeí rtu konturkou


14. february 2018 at 9:00 funny foto ♥
What you and people will notice at first glance? J have you noticed the eyebrows and eyelashes. Maybe it's the fact that the lashes lengthen and shaping eyebrows .But you have to admit yourself, come up with very distinctive eyebrows, or with his, or no :-D I'll Give here a few pictures of the style of eyebrows, and admit yourself to be you will find there :-D

Související obrázek
Výsledek obrázku pro nejhorší obočí
Související obrázek
Výsledek obrázku pro nejhorší obočí
Související obrázek
Výsledek obrázku pro nejhorší obočí
Výsledek obrázku pro nejhorší obočí
Výsledek obrázku pro nejhorší obočí

My love

13. february 2018 at 16:37 Baby ♥
My small/big good luck :) I'm a proud mom


13. february 2018 at 16:31 Food ♥
perch on a basil pesto