13. february 2018 at 13:21 |  Mommy life ♥
What is the life of a mom? It's not just about breastfeeding, swaddling, and frequent crying. I don't know that any child I have :-D My treasure in the name Sebastian, is the sweetest child I ever saw. All she manages with great humility. It is my great hero. Can do everything what he sees on the parents. Trying to in a half year crawl,to walk, but even to sing :-D Is awfully good of you, only when crying, so when he is sick and we have a stuffy nose. He's my little prince. With tata him love each other very much. Even if I don't have enough time for myself,so at least I'm spending time with my prince, and it is most important to me. The laughing, the talking, walking, catching all the things that he sees... this is the life mom. To return back to their childhood years....


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